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Advanced Foot Zone Therapy

Kristen Holladay - Certified Foot Zone Practitioner

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Monday through Thursday

12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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What is Foot Zone Therapy?

What is Foot Zone Therapy? (Click to Expand)

Foot Zone Therapy is an advanced form of acupressure.

In the modality of foot zone therapy, the pressure on specific parts of your feet send piezoelectric signals to all the systems of your body through meridians, which then activate and support healing and wellness in the four bodies of health.

Foot Zone Therapy benefits your Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental well-being. As the practitioner, I remind your body to check-in on itself and jump start the process, but you and your body do the healing.

What to expect during and after a foot zone? (Click to Expand)

All sessions take place in the client’s home. (I am based in Provo.)

During a foot zone you can expect to feel different levels of pressure. This is the way your body communicates to you about the health and wellness associated with that part of yourself. When you feel certain sensitivities, you can ask me about that area of the body. I will let you know where I am working and what the purpose of that part of the body is. It is a great way for you to become more in tune with what you want and need in all the bodies of health.

After a foot zone, you may notice physical or emotional changes in yourself. This is normal and is likely to be different after each foot zone. If you have any concerns, please contact myself; or your doctor for anything more severe.

Remember that healing is a journey. Be patient with yourself and your body in order to find your best path of improvement.

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