Qualifications and Bio

Qualifications - Certified Since 2021

I am certified to work as a foot zone practitioner in the state of Utah. I completed a course in Advanced Foot Zone Therapy through Wellness Life Zone Academy. This program includes thorough study not only in the acupressure of the foot zone, but also in anatomy and physiology. I am only certified to touch the feet and ankles. I am also not a doctor and therefore cannot prescribe or diagnose.

Who is Kristen Holladay?

I am a woman that loves outdoor adventure, reading in a hammock, and building connection through great conversation. I am a California native and live for warmth and sunshine. I work as an elementary teacher and do foot zone in the evenings because I love helping others find healing. My own path of healing included a wonderful foot zone practitioner whose skills allowed me to continually progress towards my health and wellness goals.